Take Action!

Show up to the December 10 City Council Meeting

December 10, 2019, 6pm | BUSD boardroom | 1231 Addison St, Berkeley (map)

  • Show up to lend your support: get a blue "MOU NOW" sign and hold it high!
  • Come early to get a seat (we hear doors open at 5:30; meeting starts at 6)
  • Or come whenever you can to show your support! (item may be heard around 7pm)
  • Give public comment if you feel up for it (when item #31 is called, the Mayor will ask speakers to line up to speak -- probably 1 minute max). Suggested talking points:
    • Thank the Mayor + Councilmembers Kesarwani and Bartlett for their work. Refer to the Mayor's recent op-ed in Berkeleyside
    • Ask Council to adopt item #31 without amendments, to approve the Memorandum of Understanding and establish the Community Advisory Group
    • Ask Council to Direct staff to move forward as quickly as possible to identify funding for affordable housing and establish zoning rules.
    • Say why YOU want more neighbors in our neighborhood

See our "FYI on the MOU & CAG" page for:

  • LOTS more background about the Community Advisory Group (CAG) and proposed Memorandum of Understanding between the City and BART
  • Myths and Facts about the MOU and CAG

Before the December 10 City Council Meeting: Send a short email to the City Council!

Send an email to the Mayor and your councilmember (or all of them). Addresses are:

Here’s a sample letter you can copy and paste. Please add your own flavor before sending:

Re: Item #31 Approval of MOU and establishment of CAG

Dear Mayor and Councilmembers,

At your December 10 meeting, please establish the Community Advisory Group (CAG) and approve the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with BART about development at North Berkeley and Ashby BART stations. Please approve Item #31 as-is, with no amendments.

I live near and use the North Berkeley station. I love our neighborhood and I want more new neighbors, not just a parking lot.

-Your name

- Your address or neighborhood

If you want to write a more unique letter, here's some background and talking points:

  • The MOU and CAG must be approved together, as the MOU has “December 2019” as a deadline for initiating the CAG.
  • Please approve the agenda item as-is without amendments. Any attempt to wordsmith the MOU would re-open 6 months of negotiations by city officials (including the Mayor and Councilmembers Kesarwani and Bartlett) with BART officials. That would risk undermining the whole process.
  • It’s important for the city to meet the deadlines laid out in the MOU to show BART we are committed to this important undertaking, so please don’t delay.
  • The MOU accomplishes its goal of laying out HOW the city and BART will work together to develop on the BART parking lots. It leaves lots of details about WHAT the development will be until after the public has weighed in through the CAG, and that's good!
  • This is item #31 on the December 10 City Council meeting. See here for staff report and the full text of the MOU (warning -- this is a 33-page PDF -- only for people who like lots of details!).

You can also tweet at most of our Councilmembers

Sample tweets:

  • Enabling apartments in neighborhoods where homes sell for $1 million+ would show Berkeley's dedication to equity. Approving the MOU and forming a community advisory group is a good step in that direction. Are you voting yes to approve the MOU? #MOUnow
  • I want more neighbors ASAP, approve the MOU now! #BARThousingNow
  • Approve the MOU and establish the CAG tonight, I can't wait to welcome more neighbors! #MOUnow #BARThousingNow
  • Show your dedication to housing justice and solutions to climate change. Vote Yes tonight! #MOUnow

Here are some more ideas (beyond the City Council meeting):

  • Sign our petition!
  • Put a sign in your yard or window (get a sign here)
  • Talk to your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances
  • Talk to folks at your church or synagogue
  • Talk to your kids' teachers
  • Put up a sign your kid drew
  • Put a sign in your car as you park in the NBB parking lot
  • Post on Nextdoor
  • Post on your neighborhood listerv
  • Post your vision for North Berkeley BART on facebook, tag our Facebook page
  • Do a tweet thread, make sure to @ NBerkeleyNow and/or use #YesOnOurParkingLot
  • Put a sign up in your cubicle at work
  • Change the name of your WiFi network to "YesOnOurParkingLot" or "North Berkeley Now"