Our Platform

A summary of what we want at the North Berkeley BART station

Maximize homes for all!

  • Build more than the BART TOD minimum of 75 units/acre. Having 1,000 homes* should be on the table

  • Well-designed density will enhance the neighborhood

  • Density enables vibrant street life and increased bus frequency

Ensure equitable development

  • Maximize the number of affordable units to very low income and low income people

  • Variety of sizes in apartment homes, studios and family-sized units

  • Parking structures are expensive; let’s make all the homes less costly by having less parking

Create safe routes for kids, people with disabilities, pedestrians, and cyclists

  • Reduce local car traffic by not replacing all parking spaces

  • Improve connections for commuters arriving on foot, transit, or by bike

  • Drivers with disabled placards should have parking priority (with some spaces for carpools and electric vehicles as well)

Foster meaningful public space

  • Make a central space that both commuters and locals can use and enjoy

  • Complete the Ohlone Greenway from the corner of Virginia & Acton to Ohlone Park

  • Variety of sizes in retail spaces, so mom & pop stores can afford to rent, as well as chains

*- When we refer to "homes" we mean individual units in apartment buildings or townhouses, not single family homes.

We stand with South Berkeley Now! to maximize the number of affordable homes at both Ashby and North Berkeley BART stations. Read more here