Let's build paradise instead of a parking lot

We are a group of neighbors called North Berkeley Now! We love our city. And we believe North Berkeley BART should be a place for lots of affordable housing, lovable public spaces, and access for all. We know density can be good and we're not afraid of shade.

Photo by Alfred Twu

The North Berkeley BART station is going to change. It's up to us, the people who live in the neighborhood, to help set the priorities for how.

This process should be fair and transparent. It should emphasize smart design. And its primary goal should be new housing that enhances our neighborhood. This process provides an opportunity to work with BART to represent the Berkeley values of fairness, justice, and respect for the environment. We want a community with safer streets, better access to transit, and room for lots of different kinds of people—and we need to let our elected officials know that.

For our families, for our neighbors, for our climate: Let's say Yes.

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Black Lives Matter. Stop Asian Hate. Everyone deserves to move freely in the world without fear of harm. Show love to your neighbors and put a stop to exclusion and violence.

North Berkeley is sorely lacking in diversity for many reasons, not the least of which is our city's sordid history of racial segregation. We at North Berkeley Now! believe a dense mixed income development at the North Berkeley BART station is an important step toward much-needed integration and justice.