About future development at North Berkeley BART station:

Due to new state law AB2923, the North Berkeley BART station is very likely going to change. That process has begun—you can find detailed background info at Mayor Jesse Arreguin's website. There's also an overview and some FAQs on Councilwoman Rashi Kesarwani's website.

There are no proposals on the table at the moment, as the city of Berkeley has approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with BART as part of a rezoning process and formed a Community Advisory Group (CAG) to inform the zoning. More info on the CAG here. We are very early in the process, join our list to stay informed and get ideas of what you can do.

About North Berkeley Now!:

Starting in early 2018, several neighbors had been meeting to discuss what we'd like to see happen at the North Berkeley BART station. Some of us coalesced around the idea that there’s an opportunity to have a beautifully-designed development that provides lots of homes for new neighbors at all income levels, with thoughtful design that could make it safer to get around without a car.

In March 2019 dozens of people donated money to order 200 signs that declared “Yes on Our Parking Lot”. In September 2019, we’ve handed out almost all of the signs and had about 300 people sign up for our mailing list. On September 23, 2019 we renamed ourselves North Berkeley Now!

We are all unpaid volunteers. Every dollar we spend (on yard signs, mostly) comes from crowd-funded donations. If you want to help, donate here.

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North Berkeley Now! founding members:

Darin Ranelletti

Diego Aguilar-Canabal

Greg Magofña

Jeff Hobson

Jeffrey Till

Josh Newlan

Julia Zuckerman

Lee Bishop

Libby & Chris Lee-Egan

Mariana Almeida

Mark Rhoades, AICP

Mary Dorst

May Yun Meng

Phil Erickson

Phyllis Orrick

Pietro Calogero

Sara Fain & Jaime Orozco

Tarek Rached

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