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The agreement Berkeley signed with BART (the MOU) links the Ashby and North Berkeley stations together. What’s bad for South Berkeley is bad for North Berkeley. In its current form the Adeline Corridor Plan makes it harder to build more housing there, including subsidized affordable housing. This sets a dangerous precedent that we don’t want to see in North Berkeley. The Adeline Corridor Plan--set to be approved by the Planning Commission on Sept 30--is effectively a downzone, and downzoning does not make an area more affordable; it constrains supply and increases the cost of all housing. The agenda for the Sept 30 meeting can be found here.

Let’s help our friends in South Berkeley. Here’s what we can do:

Send an email

before Monday, Sept 28 at noon
in order to get into the packet that the commissioners read before the meeting.
You can edit our letter to add your own thoughts.

Show up to the meeting

on Wednesday, Sept 30 at 7pm
Link to join https://zoom.us/j/97055841131.
“Raise hand” to speak.
Join by phone: 1 669 900 6833

Meeting ID: 970 5584 1131.

Copy and paste the letter below and send to the Planning Commission via apearson@cityofberkeley.info, feel free to edit or add your own comments before sending.

Subject: Re: DRAFT Adeline Corridor Plan

Berkeley Planning Commission,

I live in North Berkeley, but I’m concerned that parts of the Adeline Plan could hurt efforts to build new affordable housing citywide. I support the city’s MOU with BART, but in its current iteration the Adeline Plan contradicts that MOU and circumvents the CAG, which is not done with zoning the BART stations yet. As a Berkeley resident, I ask that the Planning Commission remove language from the Adeline Plan that contradicts the MOU with BART. I want to see sorely-needed housing built at both of our BART stations and mixed income developments will get us a higher number of affordable homes, faster. Don’t downzone South Berkeley!

Try to send your email before noon on Monday, Sept 28.

The actions below are not directly related to the North Berkeley BART parking lot but will help bring more neighbors to North Berkeley

Pressure the governor to sign these ADU production bills!

which creates a loan program for homeowners to build ADUs.


which allows streamlined approvals for two ADUs at the same time. AB3182 also prohibits HOAs from banning rentals.

Emails can be sent at https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail/. Calls can be made to (916) 445-2841