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What's next for North Berkeley BART?

Take action by Friday, Sept 29!

Get up-to-date on ADUs

Read Berkeleyside’s coverage about the ADU restrictions mentioned in our last email.  The item has been continued to October 3, where hopefully council doesn’t knowingly* vote to violate state law! If you want to make your position clear, send a quick email to council@berkeleyca.gov saying:

I support state law with regards to parking requirements for ADUs and I support a uniform 20-foot height standard citywide for ADUs. Please reject Alternative 2’s time limit for conversion of an accessory structure into an ADU.

If you can, show up Oct 3 at 6pm via Zoom or in person at 1231 Addison to support legal and sensible ADU policy!

*- Berkeley City Council and the mayor have been informed that the ADU proposal as written would violate state law.

Tips for giving public comment or writing letters

Development at North Berkeley BART is not a done deal. We need to speak up not only to make sure it houses lots of people, but we need to speak up to make sure it happens at all! 

There's a small but loud group who are scared of change. They think more neighbors in their neighborhood is a bad thing and want to be able to continue to park their cars wherever they want. These securely housed people are highly motivated to maintain the status quo and have the luxury to go to every meeting. We need to show up too.