Parking for Cars
or Homes for People?

Research shows that there is a tradeoff for over-providing parking. Basically, funds that could go to building homes could go to parking instead. Parking spots can cost upwards of $70,000 per spot and that money is much better spent on subsidized affordable homes. We have a housing crisis, not a parking crisis.

Pro-car voices are still numerous at the CAG meetings, so it's important to show up so it's clear that many North Berkeley neighbors value housing people over storing cars. To find out when the next meeting is, check out our Take Action page.

Regardless of whether you attend these meetings, please send a letter (sample below)

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Personalized emails from constituents get noticed.* You can copy and paste but please make sure to add your own flavor to every message you send.

Subject: Maximize homes, minimize parking at Berkeley’s BART stations

Dear Mayor Arreguin, Berkeley City Council, and BART Director Saltzman

I’m a Berkeley resident who tries to minimize their carbon footprint and North Berkeley is my BART station. I want a lot more neighbors in my walkable neighborhood but I don’t want a lot more cars so I’m asking as a Berkeley resident and constituent: please prioritize affordable housing and sustainable modes of transportation at Ashby and North Berkeley BART stations.

A destination that can be easily biked, walked, and rolled to will attract bikers, walkers, and rollers. Parking lots bring cars and if there are fewer parking spots, there are fewer cars. We need to design these new developments for the future, considering the percentage of riders driving and parking at North Berkeley BART has been dwindling since before the pandemic.

Another thing that drives traffic is Berkeley workers getting priced out and having to commute in to work. Building more transit-accessible homes near jobs is an integral part of fighting climate change, in addition to making it easier to get around the bay area without a car.

Given that limited funds can either go to building private car storage or homes for people, the choice should be clear. Hundreds of North Berkeley neighbors and I agree: Homes for all, not parking for some.


*- if you want to send a message to just your councilmember, find their email address here: City Council Roster

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